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Giraffe Tree provides a higher level of service for you and your property


For a Higher Level of Service

It’s not just our slogan, it’s the way of life at Giraffe Tree Service. Our business focuses on helping people and their love of trees. From the first call in to our offices to completion of a client’s job and beyond, our focus is our clients and their trees. We know that our clients’ trees are investments for the future, so we keep them informed every step of the way and place the needs of the client and their trees first.

We are fully committed to provide complete customer satisfaction.  Please feel free to contact us about how our efficient operation can save you money.

Our Services

Complete Tree Care and Storm Damage

  • Tree Trimming/Pruning & Shaping
  • Tree Removal
  • Lightning Protection
  • Stump Removal
  • Emergency Service Available
  • Residential and Commercial Tree Care
  • Dangerous Overhangs
  • Crown Reduction
  • Pruning and Shaping
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Tree Removal and Stump Grinding
  • Cabling and Bracing

Storm Damage?

Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often landing on homes, cars, other structures or other trees. The weight of storm damaged trees is great and they can be very dangerous to remove or prune. Giraffe Tree Service offers a 24-hour emergency service to assist in performing the job safely, while minimizing further risk to your property.

A Note From Dean Goodson, Owner and President of Giraffe Tree Service

I believe every customer expects value from their tree service. People want quality work for their money. It’s not a hard concept –  knowledgeable work, good price, professional service. I don’t have a problem living up to this idea and we, as a company, seek to excel beyond what we consider basic requirements. I welcome your input. Please let me know if I can improve this business I love—this is my livelihood. I take it seriously and, simultaneously, enjoy it immensely.

Get In Touch

Yes, we have 24-hour emergency service and can respond to storm damage to your trees and property in a timely fashion. Just call 501-664-TREE (8733)